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What’s a handheld terminal with scanner?

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Handheld terminal with scanner,also known as handheld data collector,is a terminal computer device that integrates functions such as barcode scanning,RFID technology and data processing.It can be used wirelessly as it got a battery.It features real-time acquisition, automatic storage,instant display,instant feedback,automatic processing,and automatic transmission.And it can ensure authenticity, validity,real-time and availability of the field data.Characteristic like Integration,mobility,small size,light weight,and high performance make it suitable to carry it to anywhere you want to use.

What’s the Difference between Barcode Scanners and Handheld Terminals?

Different designs of the hardware: handheld terminal

The barcode scanner is mainly used in connection with the computer as an input device.Therefore,its hardware facilities are mainly based on the scanning module.While a handheld terminal is also called handheld PDA or handheld computer.It has an operating system that can run independently.And it is a tool for data acquisition and processing.

Different performances:

The performances differ since their hardware designs are different.The scanning function of a handheld terminal is just one among many. It can customize other functions,such as:RFID,NFC,temperature measurement,positioning,etc.

Different scope of use:

The scope of use of barcode scanners is limited.They are mostly used in warehouses or supermarkets.Handheld terminals,on the other hand,not only have the same usage,but also have great advantages in other parts.So we can say,handheld terminals can replace barcode scanners,but it won’t work the other way around.