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Useful tips for custom industrial tablet holder

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Custom tablet industrial ip67 considerations

The industry is further divided into two types: light industry and heavy industry. Within these major categories, different small categories and enterprises of various sizes are subdivided. Different enterprises have configuration requirements on the industrial tablet. Faced with such a complex situation, unified purchase obviously can not be satisfied, the customization of industrial flat panel configuration has become the choice to meet the needs of major enterprises.

A few points need to be clarified for custom industrial flat panels:

1. Configuration requirements: The configuration of the industrial tablet is rich and has different functions, such as system version, positioning, fingerprint recognition, ID card recognition, code scanning recognition, information modification, highlight display and screen size, etc. The requirements of these different configurations Be sure to explain.

2. Scope of demand: The delineation of the scope should be based on the positioning of the enterprise in the market, the application of resources and personal preferences to make decisions. For example, it is necessary to do a good job in the management of various light industrial products or the transportation of heavy industrial goods. Only Only when the scope of requirements is clear can an accurate direction be found in customization, otherwise the best configuration will not play a key role.industrial handheld tablet for sale -Cilico

3. Core requirements: storage space, size, thickness, appearance requirements and carrying requirements will become the core requirements of customers. In the customization process, each customer will put forward unique requirements according to their own enterprise characteristics. Meeting this core need becomes the point of choice.

Industrial tablet holder customized product requirements

1. For the size, it includes: 10, 12, 15, 21.5 inches, etc., with multiple sizes, multiple choices, and a wide range.

2. Brightness customization: The industrial touch machine has a built-in 400-stream brightness, which can be customized to a higher display brightness according to customer needs, up to 1000-stream brightness, to ensure that the screen is clear under the hot sun.

3. Automatic dimming of screen brightness of industrial touch all-in-one machine: If you choose high-brightness customers, R&D can customize the automatic dimming function of screen brightness according to customer needs, and the screen in dark environments has automatic brightness dimming function to make users more comfortable.

4. Fully waterproof customization: If the customer needs the machine to be fully waterproof in special occasions such as slaughterhouses and swimming pools, the fully waterproof machine can be customized according to customer requirements.

5. System customization: In addition to the conventional Windows system, it also provides industrial all-in-one machines with Android and other systems.

6. Working temperature customization: In addition to the normal -15 ℃ low temperature, the industrial touch machine can be customized according to customer needs

Ask for customized low -40 ℃ low temperature operation. 7. Application scenario customization: industrial touch all-in-one machine can be customized,

Outdoor portable three-proof pad tablet, integrated industrial touch screen installation;

8. Hardware configuration customization: from memory upgrade to storage capacity expansion, CPU can be customized according to user needs

To customize the hardware configuration of industrial touch machines from Atom processors to Cool Zero processors:

9. Touch customization: you can choose industrial tablet computer, resistance touch screen, capacitive touch screen,

10. Price customization: The hardware configuration of the industrial touch machine can be designed according to the needs to save costs, and choose the industrial touch machine that meets the customer's needs from the customer's budget.

11. Functional customization requirements: RFID/IC card reader/ID card reader/NFC card reader/card reader/card reader/4G module/fingerprint collection/monitoring board/driver board/advertising board, etc. Customized according to customer requirements.

Rugged industrial android tablet key features

1. The industrial touch panel computer is an all-in-one structure. The host, liquid crystal display, and touch screen are integrated into one, and the stability is relatively good.

2. The use of the popular touch function can simplify the work, be more convenient and efficient, and be more user-friendly.

3. The industrial touch panel PC is small in size and easy to install and maintain.

4. Most industrial touch panel PCs adopt a fanless design, using a large area of fin-shaped aluminum blocks to dissipate heat, resulting in lower power consumption and lower noise.

5. Beautiful appearance and wide application.

In fact, industrial computers and commercial computers have always been inseparable from each other. They have their own fields of application, but they influence and promote each other, reflecting the progress of science and technology.

Industrial tablet with keyboard main application areas

1. The industrial site can be embedded in the machine, the cabinet or placed on the operating table to make the man-machine display operation interface.

2. It is used in various fields such as telecommunications, electric power, multimedia, national defense, automation equipment, manufacturing, etc., and is used as human-machine interface, thin client, PLC and POS and other communication and control terminals.

3. The digital hospital can be used as bedside service terminal and outpatient terminal to improve the service and management level of the hospital.

4. Banks, shopping malls, hotels, railway stations, buses, subway stations, parks and other public places as media (advertising) players or query terminals.

5. The high-end community is used as a home service terminal to realize intercom, message, fee inquiry, commodity ordering, household appliance management, temperature and humidity control, etc.