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Three-proof industrial tablet guide to advantages and maintenance

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Three-proof industrial tablet with ethernet advantages

The three-proof tablet PC is the representative of the next generation of mobile business PCs. From the perspective of the three-proof tablet concept product, the three-proof tablet is a fully functional PC that does not require a flip, no keyboard, and is small enough to fit in a lady's handbag. Compared with laptops, in addition to having all its functions, it also supports handwriting input or voice input, and is more mobile and portable. The rugged tablet runs Windows and Android operating systems and comes with a detachable keyboard. The tablet can also be used as a supplement to a desktop PC, adding handwriting and voice input functions to the latter. In short, people will use their PCs more often in new ways.

As the characteristics of commercial machines are getting better and better, many industrial production sites have already started to choose commercial machines that are more cost-effective at direct costs, and the sales market of commercial machines has also led to great changes. touch the tablet. Therefore, on the spot of industrial production, the tablet with touch function will be the future development trend. The industrial production touch tablet is a kind of industrial automation touch all-in-one machine. Its advantages are:

1. Most of the three-proof tablet computers are manufactured with industrial production raw materials to ensure IP67 protection level, firmness, and long-term industrial rugged tablet -Cilico

2. It has both the portable performance of notebook computers and the expandable card performance of desktop computers.

3. The product design is unique, and various special configurations can be selected (1D/2D scanning, NFC, RFID, high-precision GPS, fingerprint module, infrared imaging)

4. The configuration of the three-proof tablet computer from the external structure to the relevant protection measures is to make the device suitable for the relevant special operating environment. Maintaining stable and efficient operation in these environments is the key to the three-proof tablet computer. support.

5. A high-quality three-proof tablet computer has better confidentiality and security, which is very important for the core R&D and production fields where the three-proof tablet computer is widely used, and even undertakes the important task of national defense and security. Relevant units even need this kind of industrial tablet computer to provide security.

How to maintain the three-proof industrial tablet computer?

With the increasing application of industrial tablet PCs and more and more types of choices, people gradually begin to pay attention to the service life of industrial tablet PCs. The service life of three-proof tablet PCs is closely related to proper maintenance. Different people use, different In industrial occasions, the service life of industrial panel PCs is ultimately uneven.

1. Do not touch the embedded wireless antenna module of the machine equipment. Touching the wireless antenna will reduce the sound quality of the call or affect the wireless communication frequency of the machine equipment.

2. When clicking on the display screen of the device, please ensure that your fingers are dry and clean;

3. Restart the machine to eliminate all short-term mobile phone software errors;

4. Make sure that the mobile phone software has been upgraded to the latest version.

5. The rechargeable battery is only used for specific main purposes;

6. When the charging head is not in use, it is necessary to turn off the switching power supply;

7. The rechargeable battery does not need to be charged and discharged slowly if it is placed for a long time, and the battery must be recharged before use;

8. The rechargeable battery should not be continuously charged for more than 10 hours. Overcharging the battery may reduce the number of battery cycles.

9. Do not store terminal mechanical equipment together with coins and other metal materials, such as keys and necklaces;

10. If the contact point of the rechargeable battery is in contact with a metal object, it is likely to cause a fire accident.

11. To ensure the maximum service life of the rechargeable battery and charging head, please use mechanical equipment between -10℃~55℃;

12. If the mechanical equipment is placed in a closed car, since the temperature inside the car can reach 80 ℃, the mechanical equipment is likely to have common failures;

13. Do not expose the machinery and equipment to the natural environment exposed to sunlight for a long time, such as on the instrument of the car;

14. Store the rechargeable battery in a natural environment of 40℃-80℃.

Three-proof industrial tablet wall mount application

Three-proof industrial tablet computers are generally used in various processing and manufacturing industries such as telecommunication networks, power installation projects, multimedia systems, national defense and security, medical equipment, automated machinery, and machining industries. As an industrial control touch screen, APP mobile client, PLC and POS and other communications, manipulation of mobile smart terminals, etc. will also be used in three-proof industrial tablet computers.

Financial institutions, department stores, hotel rooms, bus stations, buses, subway entrances, ecological parks and other public places as news media (advertising slogans) players or search mobile smart terminals should be used as three-proof tablet computers as much as possible.

Available standards for three-proof tablet PCs: Three-proof tablet PCs are often found in special specifications and models in the machinery manufacturing industry. They are not standardized goods, so there are compatibility issues between system software. In addition, the goods meet the unusual requirements of customers for the office environment as much as possible, such as temperature (humidity), moisture (dust) resistance, voltage regulator tube system software, continuous electrical system software requirements, etc. to carry out unusual design solutions, Therefore, the manufacturer has the professional skills of new product development, production and processing, testing, promotion and marketing and system software integration as much as possible, and has a certain professional ability threshold.