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Smart handheld medical devices' application scenarios of CILICO C6T

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CILICO C6T Smart handheld temperature reader for covid-19 control and prevention applied in hospitals, office parks, communities, factories, exhibitions.

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C6T smart handheld medical devices features

The temperature sensor is 0~6cm non-contact reading distance , giving more protection to the prevention and control personnel in the front of the epidemic.

At the same time, it has a variety of temperature measurement modes, which can intelligently cover all the objects to be detected without difference.

Intelligent sensing of the ambient temperature, to meet all the temperature measurement needs in the 0 ~ 40 °C environment, high safety and reliability.

± 0.2 °C accurate temperature measurement, the temperature measurement time ≤ 1S, all-round and efficient to meet the temperature measurement needs of the front of the epidemic prevention and control personnel.

C6T smart handheld temperature reader with professional 1D/2D barcode reader.

Support city code / health code / intelligent ID card / access control card reading, personnel real information quickly collect and control.

City code / health code/ ID card information is read in real time, detection + identification + entry information is in place in one step, simplifying the operation steps of the front epidemic prevention and control personnel and improving efficiency.

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NFC binds personnel access control cards, ID cards + access control cards to quickly verify and read, to meet the requirements of enterprises/communities/parks and other personnel prevention and control management requirements.

4G data transmission + photo/video recording, strengthen personnel information collection

4G dual netcom data transmission, information transmission and upload timely and efficient

High-definition 13MP cameras, taking pictures/videos anytime, anywhere, further strengthen the information collection surface of the epidemic prevention and control personnel in front

Local + cloud storage + background + big data platform AI intelligent processing, personnel information control anytime, anywhere.

Personnel information admission can choose from a variety of local/cloud storage solutions to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control information collection personnel can be prevented and controlled, and due diligence.

The background can query the visits of enterprises/communities/parks in real time, and can be displayed in a map, which is convenient and efficient.

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The big data platform AI intelligent processing, personnel occupancy / isolation information details intelligent sorting and updating, to ensure that real-time + timely control measures are in place.

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C6T smart handheld temperature reader is Enterprise-class performance configuration for lightweight, reliable, and durable.

Enterprise Android 11 operating system with GMS certified high, more secure and more stable.

The shell of C6T temperature reader is made of antibacterial material, which supports alcohol wiping and disinfection to ensure safety and sterility.

Octa-core 2.0 GHz high-performance processor 3GB ROM + 32GB RAM mass storage, smooth operation without stuttering.

Enterprise-class Wi-Fi + 4G data communication ensures that the data transmission of the device anytime and anywhere.

Bluetooth 5.0 LE Bluetooth low energy transmission, fast connection.

The standard 4000mAh large-capacity battery meets the continuous operation of 10 hours.

Robust and reliable Meets the drop standard from a height of 1.5 meters to the cement floor.