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Requirements for industrial tablet PCs in-vehicle applications

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Industrial handheld tablet in-vehicle application requirements 

Industrial tablet PCs provide data support for vehicles, integrating body information, operator operation records, and media playback. In-vehicle applications of industrial panel PCs should meet the following requirements:

1. Easy installation and maintenance: Considering the different vehicle environments and wide coverage, the participants are also very complicated. Therefore, under certain conditions, industrial panel PCs should be used in various places as much as possible. Such as supporting vehicle VESA75/100 standard. RAM bracket etc.

2. Anti-vibration requirements: any vehicle has vibration. According to the object of use, it has high acceleration and large amplitude, and low acceleration and small amplitude.

3. Display requirements: Since the vehicle is used outdoors, the sun and even direct sunlight cannot be avoided. The impact of this situation needs to be minimized by choosing a high-quality display or structural design.

4. Power performance: The on-board computer usually draws power directly from the on-board battery. Due to the different use states of various batteries and the instantaneous impact of ignition and flameout, the power requirements for the equipment used in conjunction are very high. Otherwise, the device can be easily damaged.rugged industrial android tablet for sale -Cilico

5. Width requirements: Most of China is located in subtropical and temperate regions, with a vast territory and extreme vehicle temperature environment. Industrial Panel PCs can test from -30 to 70 degrees Celsius.

6. Electromagnetic Interference: Special vehicles can not only use one electrical equipment, especially police and medical vehicles. Unqualified electromagnetic radiation will seriously interfere with other equipment, such as digital transmission stations, medical high-precision sign monitoring, etc.

7. Heat dissipation of the whole machine: Due to dust reasons, the fan configuration is generally not recommended for vehicle-mounted machines, which meet the requirements of heat dissipation conditions and have no additional heat dissipation holes.

8. IP specification: According to different working environments, the damage of rain and dust is inevitable. Achieving or attaining a certain IP level is a requirement for qualifying automotive tablets.

9. Function button: With the function button, it can bring great convenience and improve the use efficiency in the unstable interior environment.

Industrial tablet holder PCs crash reasons

Industrial tablet computer is an industrial control computer specially designed for industrial use. Its basic performance and compatibility are almost the same as commercial computer, but industrial tablet computer focuses more on stability in different environments, such as beverage production line control, automotive Production line control, etc., are stable in extreme environments, such as dust-proof, waterproof, anti-static, etc.

In daily life, the computer or industrial tablet computer used will occasionally crash, which is difficult to avoid. Below we will introduce the reasons for the crash of industrial tablet PCs and their solutions in detail.

1. Working ambient temperature

Although it is said that industrial tablet computers can adapt to a much higher temperature than ordinary household computers, there is still a degree limit, so the working temperature should be controlled within the adaptable temperature as much as possible to avoid the temperature being too high and causing crashes. Like Emdoor's industrial panel PC, the working temperature can be -10℃-60℃. It can also be customized according to customer needs.

Solution: Do a good job of cooling, such as being able to use fans or air conditioners to cool the room.

2. Timely clean up temporarily generated files

When the industrial panel computer is running, a large number of temporary files such as Temp files will be generated, which occupy the hard disk and system resources and affect the efficiency of the industrial panel computer in processing information.

Solution: Regularly check the hard disk and clean up temporary files to improve the efficiency of information processing by the industrial panel computer.

3. Hardware reasons

When the industrial panel computer processes too many on-site signals transmitted by the PLC, the CPU frequency of the industrial panel computer is low and the memory is small, so it cannot recognize and process so many signals at the same time, so that these signals "crash", causing the industrial panel computer" crash".

Solution: If there is a high demand for the operation of the industrial panel computer, it is necessary to upgrade and replace the hardware configuration.

4. Poor dustproof effect

The environment in which the industrial panel PC is located is extreme, in addition to high temperature, there is also a lot of dust. When dust enters the industrial tablet computer, the heat dissipation effect of various boards, CPUs and other electronic components is poor, resulting in the "crash" of the industrial tablet computer.

Solution: Remove the dust inside the industrial panel PC on time and maintain good ventilation.