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Quick review of RIFD handheld terminal promoting social intelligence development

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UHF rfid handhelds help animal husbandry companies build smart animal husbandry systems

With the rapid development of the animal husbandry industry, the level of scale and specialization has been continuously improved. Transforming and upgrading traditional animal husbandry, pioneering and innovating modern intelligent animal husbandry, and accelerating the modernization and informatization construction of animal husbandry have become more and more important factors in the development of animal husbandry.

The intelligent animal husbandry production management system is based on the application of key technologies of the Internet of Things, uses barcode technology and RFID technology to identify animals and items, and uses mobile intelligent terminals integrated with relevant identifiers to manage production through android applications. And send the data to the background system through the mobile terminal.

The main process of smart animal husbandry system:

1. Feeding link: When the livestock is born and raised, RFID tags (such as ear tags or foot rings) are installed on the livestock. These electronic tags are placed on the ears of the livestock when they are born. RFID handheld readers constantly set, collect or store information in its growth process, and control production safety from the source. At the same time, the records of epidemic prevention records, disease information and key information of the breeding process of livestock in various periods are recorded. Before the livestock is slaughtered, the RFID tag must be read through the ultra-high frequency rfid handheld device to confirm that the livestock without disease can be put into the slaughter.

2. Slaughtering link: Before slaughtering, use the ultra-high frequency rfid handheld to read the RFID tag information on the livestock to confirm that the livestock has an epidemic prevention record and is actually healthy before slaughtering and entering the market, and writing the information at the same time Box labels, cargo pallet labels and price tags go.

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3. Supervision link of the competent department: In the process of market supervision, the regulatory department requires that the pallets, packaging boxes and price labels of all sales outlets contain RFID electronic labels, and the origin, product name, type, grade and price of meat are included. and other relevant data written into the electronic label.

4. Logistics and distribution link: fresh meat enters the circulation link, and RFID electronic tags are attached to the trays or packaging boxes loaded with meat, and then transported to designated supermarkets or market sales points. The distance card reader or UHF rfid handheld can read the RFID electronic label on the box or tray.

5. Management of foreign livestock: If the slaughtered meat products shipped from other provinces and cities need to enter the market, they must first go to the designated supervision location for product inspection. After passing the inspection, they will affix electronic labels with relevant product information and relevant inspection information. . At the same time, the regulatory authority issues a qualification certificate for products sold in the market.

Handheld rfid computer technology realizes intelligent management of high-speed rail tools

The management of high-speed rail power supply and maintenance tools is different from the management of tools and tools in other forms of work. Because the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail power supply maintenance and maintenance operations are all carried out in the limited "skylight" at night, when the maintenance work is completed, it needs to be carried out in the dark. The road tools and equipment should be counted, and once there are tools and equipment left on the line, it will cause great safety hazards to the safety of trains running at speeds of 300 kilometers per hour and above.

In order to promote the construction of the standard demonstration line of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and speed up the pace of intelligent construction of high-speed railway power supply and maintenance, the Bengbu maintenance and management section of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway maintenance and management company of the China Railway Electrification Bureau has successfully developed a "face recognition" intelligent management system for tools and equipment, and has been used in this section. Successfully go online.

The system is based on the Internet of Things technology and uses ultra-high frequency (RFID) electronic radio frequency automatic identification technology to establish an "identity card" for each tool, and connect all the tools and objects involved in the production operation to realize the terminal management platform. Refinement, standardization, intelligence, visualization, and information-based maintenance and management of the whole process of identification, use, and monitoring of tools.

The application of this system realizes the refined management of tool names, models, technical specifications, etc., effectively avoids the inconsistency of materials and actual inventory, ensures the accuracy of operation and use, and reduces the procurement cost of enterprises. At the same time, through the combined use of the inventory all-in-one machine and the handheld terminal, the time for employees to pick up and leave the warehouse can be shortened from the original 2 minutes to a group of 15 to 20 seconds, and the rapid inventory of the upper and lower lanes can be realized. Locking the lost location can effectively ensure the safety of train operation while reducing the labor intensity of employees and improving production efficiency.