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Quick review of best healthcare mobile computer application

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In recent years, with the deepening of my country's medical and health science and technology reform, mobile medical has become an essential means of modern medical care. Doctors and nurses can view patient information, vital sign data, inspection reports and medical images through the Internet in diagnostic departments, wards, operating rooms, duty rooms and even emergency sites through the mobile medical tablet terminal and access to the wireless network. information, etc. Through the medical tablet, medical staff can also quickly record the latest status of the patient, issue medical orders in real time, and upload them to the cloud platform to share with other doctors. Choosing an excellent medical tablet computer has become an effective means for major hospitals to improve the medical level, reduce the work intensity of medical staff, and improve the doctor-patient relationship.

Healthcare mobile computer application

1. Mobile Nursing Apps

The mobile nurse workstation system is based on the "big screen + small screen" (ie Pad + PDA) terminal, and realizes the closed-loop management of the entire life cycle of medical orders through full barcode mobile processing, and standardizes medical procedures and services. Implementing the execution of doctor's orders and inputting information on the PDA avoids errors caused by the operation of manually checking the patient's identity.

The application value of PDA in mobile nursing is as follows:

(1) Reduce costs and improve managementhealthcare barcode scanner company -Cilico

Comply with the hospital evaluation standards and the interconnection and interoperability of electronic medical records. Improve medical efficiency and quality, and care for more patients. Ensure medical safety, reduce doctor-patient disputes, and enhance image.

(2) Optimize the work process and improve work efficiency

Diagnosis and treatment processes such as doctor's order issuance and information retrieval have been optimized. Improve work efficiency and reduce work intensity. Knowledge base and other means to reduce medical errors.

(3) Improve hospitalization satisfaction

Greatly improve patient satisfaction. Improve the efficiency of information exchange between doctors and patients and nurses and patients. Hospitalization perception is humanized, and medical quality is further improved.

2. Mobile emergency infusion application

(1) The use of barcode double labels to ensure drug safety;

(2) Barcode scanning and checking, making it more time-saving to check three and seven pairs;

(3) Simplify the nurse's work process and eliminate errors and accidents;

(4) Reduce patient waiting time and improve patient satisfaction;

(5) Improve the management level of the hospital and improve the social effect of the hospital.

3. Mobile doctor ward round application

Using the Pad as the hardware platform, the extension of the electronic medical record to the ward can be realized, helping doctors to view the electronic medical record in real time at the bedside, various biochemical test item data, imaging data, pathological analysis and other information in the patient's inspection report, and can be timely at the bedside. Entering doctor's orders improves the efficiency of doctors' work.

The specific application value is as follows:

(1) Improve the work efficiency of ward rounds: Compared with traditional paper rounds, the accuracy and timeliness of obtaining patient data has been greatly improved;

(2) Improve the accuracy of medical orders: doctors directly issue medical orders at the bedside, effectively solving the problem of incomplete and inaccurate recording of ward rounds in the past;

(3) Improve the rationality of drug use: Combining doctor's orders at the bedside with the drug system to ensure the rationality of drug use.

4. Application of surgical anesthesia system

The Surgical Anesthesia Management System (OAMS) covers the entire perioperative process of patients, including surgical application, preoperative visit, intraoperative record, postoperative recovery, anesthesia follow-up, quality management, and analgesia treatment. The value brought by the application of Pad in surgical anesthesia system:

(1) Realize mobile preoperative and postoperative visits: the application of Pad preoperative visit can significantly reduce the anxiety of patients undergoing general anesthesia surgery, improve the patient's understanding of surgery-related knowledge, relieve the patient's nervousness when entering the operating room the next day, and improve the patient's performance. Satisfaction with preoperative visit.

(2) Improve the quality of nursing and implement various nursing systems.

5. Application of decoction center

The standardized decoction center uses computer control, Internet of Things and Internet technology, and takes decoction and packaging equipment as the center to integrate the decoction process (including prescription management, dispensing, soaking, material transmission, decoction, packaging, logistics and distribution) The innovative decoction service mode is an innovative decoction service mode that carries out the whole process control and management of terminal customer service, equipment and personnel management, decoction process quality control and other links.

The specific application value is as follows:

(1) Controllability: The decoction process is automatically controlled to ensure the decoction quality.

(2) Manageability: The whole process of bar code management is adopted to avoid errors in the delivery process; the equipment utilization of the decoction room and the work of the decoction workers can be grasped at any time, providing support for standardizing the management of the decoction room.

(3) Traceability: It can provide quality tracking of decoction to protect the interests of patients.

(4) Efficiency: reduce the labor intensity of the staff in the decoction room, and achieve the effect of reducing staff and increasing efficiency.

6. Medical waste management applications

The "Internet +" medical waste real-time traceability cloud platform based on the Internet of Things technology can track the entire process of the entire life cycle of waste, and real-time positioning and monitoring of medical waste bins can be achieved through barcodes.

(1) Electronic information: cancel the written record of medical waste handover, and adopt non-contact handover to avoid cross infection. The use of PDA handheld terminal to input information avoids the errors caused by manual input and the situation that the handwriting is scribbled and unrecognizable.

(2) Whole process traceability: Each medical waste bag has a different QR code, and each link needs to be scanned and confirmed to avoid omissions and errors caused by human beings. Carry out full traceability inquiries.

7. Logistics management application

(1) Innovative PDA handheld terminal system, dispatching contacts by telephone, no need to arrange personnel according to departments, saving manpower and more timely scheduling.

(2) Using the PDA handheld terminal system, by professionally scanning the barcode, the manual writing registration is cancelled, which increases the security, avoids errors, and improves the work efficiency.

(3) Using PDA handheld terminal system, staff work content, data upload server, more convenient management.