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PDA information about principle, characteristics and use

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PDA is a mobile and convenient electronic intelligent hardware product that can quickly realize data acquisition. The industrial-grade PDA can reach the industrial protection level of IP65 or above. It has the functions of data acquisition, data processing, data storage and data transmission.

PDA barcode scanner principle

The one-dimensional laser PDA handheld terminal automatically moves the beam left and right on the barcode to read the barcode through the cooperation of the laser beam and the galvanometer.

The 2D imaging PDA handheld terminal can capture images of 2D or linear barcodes and process them using advanced decoding algorithms, and can read linear barcodes in all orientations, so they can be scanned without changing the orientation of the label.

Handheld pda features shared

1. Wireless data transmission

Through WIFI, Bluetooth and other wireless networks, the connection between the PDA barcode scanner and the computer can be more convenient, allowing users to exchange data and information in a convenient and timely manner anytime and anywhere.

2. Set a variety of functions into one

The PDA barcode scanner can scan one-dimensional barcodes or two-dimensional barcodes, and can also be customized to integrate RFID radio frequency identification, NFC reading, DPM code reading, fingerprint identification, GPS navigation and other functions.

3. It has its own battery, which can be used mobile

Generally speaking, PDA barcode scanners are classified into industrial grade and consumer grade. Industrial-grade PDAs are better than consumer-grade ones in terms of performance, stability, and battery durability.

android handheld pda cost -Cilico

PDA scanner use

PDA is an intelligent terminal and an important part of mobile informatization. PDA scanners improve the convenience of use and work efficiency, and have been widely used in logistics and express delivery, manufacturing, retail, medical and health, public utilities and other fields.

1. Shoes and apparel industry

PDA can realize the inventory management of shoes and clothing stores and warehouses, and manage the in-out and out-of-stocks. By collecting one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes of goods, data collection is carried out, and the data is wirelessly transmitted to the server for data aggregation and processing, which greatly improves work efficiency.

2. Logistics and express delivery industry

The collection, sorting, distribution, dispatch and other work businesses are integrated through the handheld PDA, and the key data is collected in real time to realize the integration of information management. Improve the operation speed, reduce the error rate, and reduce the cost of manpower, material resources and time.

3. Retail industry

Supermarket stores can use pda to realize store management, warehouse distribution, and product inventory. If the RFID reading and writing engine is added, it can achieve faster reading speed and greater throughput, and double the work efficiency. With the help of pda, retail stores can conduct price inquiry and modification, inventory, shopping guide, etc., which can help stores improve work efficiency and improve customer experience.

4. Pharmaceutical industry

Retail pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises can use PDA to carry out inventory and warehouse entry and exit management of medicines. Hospitals can use PDA to realize mobile nursing, conduct doctor rounds, patient monitoring, pharmacist dispensing and distribution, file and medical record management, etc., which greatly improves work efficiency.

5. Manufacturing industry

As the core tool of mobile information processing, pda carries the collection and real-time check and query of accessories, commodities and other information. It can be used for production piece-count management and production warehouse management in factories; it can also be used to read DPM codes with special identification in fields such as automobile manufacturing.

6. Government public use

PDA can be used for inventory of fixed assets; in the process of investigating and punishing illegal parking, the police can use the PDA device to query vehicle information anytime and anywhere, upload all kinds of illegal information, and collect evidence on the spot to investigate and punish illegal parking. Municipal parking, aviation sorting, ticket inspection and other fields can be applied to pda.

PDA android scan code problem

Generally, the following six problems will be encountered when the Android PDA scans the code:

1. How to realize the automatic scanning function at startup?

Settings > Scanner > (check) whether to allow scanning.

2. There is light in the scan, but the barcode cannot appear at the cursor, what should I do?

Setup > Scanner > Output Mode > Output to Current Focus.

3. How to add automatic enter key after scanning?

Settings > Scanner > Append Keys > Enter.

4. What should I do if characters are added to the front after scanning by a 2D device?

Settings > Scanner > Advanced Options > Transmit Code ID > NONE.

5. What to do if the barcode appears twice after scanning once?

This is because the client program calls the scan interface and selects the output current focus at the same time. In this case, set it to: Settings > Scanner > Output Mode > API.