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Learn industrial handheld tablet computers' characteristics and application fields

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The Internet of Things is the use of radio frequency identification technology (RFID), infrared sensors, satellite navigation systems (GPS), laser scanners and other information equipment, and according to the promised agreement, all objects can be connected with Internet technology to maintain information exchange and communication, A network that intelligently identifies, precisely locates, tracks, monitors and manages.

Industry is an important application field of IoT technology. The combination of industrial tablet and IoT combines automation and informatization to produce a new type of intelligent terminal - industrial handheld tablet, also known as three-proof tablet computer and explosion-proof industrial tablet computer. The industrial portable tablet uses radio frequency identification technology (RFID), GPS, camera, controller and other methods of cognition, capture, and accurate measurement to collect materials at any time, continuously and automatically store, display information/opinion feedback in real time, and fully automatic transmission. Increase productivity, improve product quality, and reduce production costs and resource consumption.

Main features of industrial handheld tablet

1. Lightweight and portable, easy to operate

Due to the need for hand-held operation, the design avoids the rough and bulky shape of the industrial tablet computer. It has a beautiful and compact appearance, is light and portable, and is very simple to operate, almost identical to a smartphone.

2. Powerful

Industrial Portable Tablet PC is a mobile industrial computer with rich I/O ports and optional multi-function modules, supports Ethernet, wireless WIFI.4G and other networks, supports face recognition, 1D/QR code, NFC , fingerprint recognition, identification, GPS/Beidou positioning, etc.

3. Sturdy and durable

It can operate in extreme temperature ranges and harsh environments, with three-proof characteristics of waterproof, dustproof and anti-drop, and has passed the IP67 protection certification.

4. Strong system compatibility

Applicable to WINDOWS and Android systems, you can choose different system software according to your own requirements.

5. Strong battery life

Built-in high-capacity lithium battery to meet long-term power supply needs.

The main application areas of industrial tablet computer

1. Logistics

Handheld terminal equipment can be used for data collection of couriers and dispatchers, data collection in transit yards and warehouses. By scanning the express barcode, the waybill information can be directly transmitted to the back-end server through wireless transmission, and at the same time, it can realize functions such as query of related business information.

industrial handheld tablet cost -Cilico

2. Meter reading

The portable terminal equipment uses GPS positioning to ensure the cycle position, and the simulated person records it against the model. While completing the work simply and effectively, the electrical industry sector can more accurately count the electricity consumption.

3. Police

In the process of investigating and punishing illegal parking, the police can use handheld terminal devices to query vehicle information anytime and anywhere, upload various illegal information, and fix evidence on the spot to investigate and punish illegal parking. In addition to policing, administrative departments such as health, urban management, and taxation have also begun to try to use handheld terminals to standardize administrative business and improve administrative efficiency.

4. Outdoor surveying and mapping exploration

In surveying, mapping and surveying, the use of tablet computers to achieve information collection, network communication.

The difference between industrial mobile tablet and ordinary computer

1. Different internal components are used.

Due to the complex environment, industrial tablet computers have higher requirements on products, such as stability, anti-interference, waterproof, shock-proof and other functions; while ordinary tablet computers are mostly used in home environments, pursuing timeliness, and taking market positioning as the standard, the internal components are only Just meet the general requirements.

2. Different application fields.

Industrial tablet PC is a special tablet PC with industrial-grade standards, suitable for various harsh environments and climates in outdoor and industrial scenarios. level. Ordinary computers are personal consumer products, so they are generally suitable for entertainment and office work. They are not adaptable to the environment like industrial tablet computers, and their confidentiality is far from industrial-grade standards.

3. The life cycle is different.

Because the internal replacement of ordinary tablet computers is fast, the life cycle of ordinary ordinary tablet computer motherboards is only half a year to one year. The motherboard of the industrial panel PC can reach a life cycle of up to 5 years.

4. Different protection levels.

Industrial panel PCs need to have a certain degree of protection to ensure the high stability of the system in harsh environments.

5. Different shapes

Compared with ordinary computers, industrial tablet computers are inevitably slightly bulkier than ordinary computers because of the built-in modules and reinforced appearance. It is reported that ordinary computers are personal consumer products, and they are going in the direction of simplicity and convenience, so ordinary computers will be designed to be lighter and lighter.