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Learn differences between handheld pda and mobile phone

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What's the difference between handheld pda and mobile phone?

Handheld pda is an industrial handheld terminal device equipped with memory, CPU, screen and keyboard. Mobile phones are consumer handheld terminals, and most of the smartphones we use in our daily lives are smartphones. In terms of appearance, there is no difference between a handheld PDA and a mobile phone; in terms of application scenarios, there is a big difference. Mobile phones are used by individual consumers for communication and entertainment, and handheld PDAs mainly tend to meet the business functions of enterprises.

Rugged mobile computers features

With the development of science and technology, handheld PDA not only has the common functions of smart phones such as communication and the Internet, but also has a more stable code scanning function, is equipped with a scanning engine, has a built-in multi-mode wireless network, and focuses on data collection and wireless transmission. Mainly used for collection in the logistics industry and distribution, barcode data collection in retail industry, meter reading in power industry, warehouse management and other fields.

Handheld PDAs have industrial protection grades, are stronger and more durable. Generally speaking, the protection level of handheld PDA is between IP65 and IP67, which can be used in various harsh environments without protection, waterproof and dustproof. Its screen is an industrial touch screen, which can achieve drop, water immersion protection, high temperature or low temperature applications, etc. In addition, handheld PDA also has higher battery life than cell phones. The handheld PDA has a large battery capacity, low power consumption, and more durable use.

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Handheld PDA refers to a handheld terminal device with functions of data collection, photo shooting, telephone, network communication, Bluetooth, positioning, data storage, transmission and processing, which can be used mobile. In addition to some basic functions, the handheld PDA can also scan 1D/2D barcodes, barcodes identification, RFID tag identification, etc. With the development of Internet of Things technology, handheld PDA, as a data terminal device, has been widely used in retail, logistics, transportation, medical, manufacturing, energy, finance and other industries, and plays different roles.

Handheld PDA application fields

1. Warehouse management

Replace traditional manual collection of cargo information with handheld PDA devices. Statistical query is convenient, fast and accurate. Reduce warehousing management costs, speed up warehousing turnover, and achieve optimal configuration and management of warehousing goods.

2. Power inspection management

Through the hand-held PDA, functions such as line arrangement, data recording, working status supervision, data summary report, etc. can be easily realized, which can be seamlessly connected with the existing information system of the enterprise, which can effectively improve the inspection efficiency and quality, timely detect the faults of power facilities, and improve the operation of power facilities. Safety, reduce operating costs, and improve the company's comprehensive management level.

3. Product traceability management

Handheld PDA is an indispensable part of the traceability system. Through the handheld PDA, enterprises can record the whole process from suppliers to purchasing, to production, processing and quality inspection, to consumers, and upload them to the database in real time through the network to reproduce the production process at any time. and material traceability to clearly understand the origin and origin of the production link.

4. Retail stores

Handheld PDA offline retail store data collection and transmission, helping stores to achieve fast reading, convenient goods storage management, inventory, goods distribution, goods shopping guide, etc., easily meet the needs of high-intensity and high-frequency information data collection, and achieve retail enterprise management transparency, informatization, efficiency, optimize customer service experience, and improve enterprise competitiveness.

5. Logistics express

In the logistics express industry, handheld PDA can be used in logistics warehouse management, distribution management, vehicle management, asset management and other scenarios. Track and monitor projects, assets and people throughout the process with quick-read data collection to ensure timely and accurate delivery of goods to customers. It not only greatly improves the efficiency of logistics operations and reduces logistics costs, but also helps to improve the service experience and satisfaction of users.