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Learn barcode scanners work and use from Cilico quickly

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How does barcode scanner work?

The barcode scanner uses the photoelectric principle to convert the barcode information into an input device that can be accepted by the computer. It is often used in libraries, hospitals, bookstores and supermarkets. As an input method for quick registration or settlement, it directly reads the barcode information on the outer packaging of the commodity or on the printed matter and enters it into the online system.

The light emitted by the light source of the barcode scanner is irradiated on the barcode symbol through the optical system, and the reflected light is imaged on the photoelectric converter through the optical system, so that an electrical signal is generated, and the signal is amplified by the circuit to generate an analog voltage, which is connected with the optical system. The light reflected on the barcode symbol is proportional, and then filtered and shaped to form a square wave signal corresponding to the analog signal, which is interpreted by the decoder as a digital signal that can be directly accepted by the computer.

Bar codes reader 4 scanning technologies

Ordinary barcode scanners usually use the following four technologies: light pen, CCD, laser, and image-type red light.

1. The working principle of the light pen

The light pen is the most economical and first hand-held barcode scanner. The working principle is to contact the light pen with the barcode. Because the barcode label is composed of black and white strips, it can be based on the principle of light reflection: the white part of the light is blocked. Reflected, the black part of the light is absorbed, and the barcode is encoded by the change of voltage.

2. Working principle of CCD

The CCD barcode scanner parses the barcode information by covering the entire barcode label with LED light. Unlike the light pen barcode scanner, it scans the entire barcode.

Its advantages are that it is cheap, easy to use, light in weight, and the scanning distance does not need to be in direct contact with the barcode label.

3. How does laser works?

The laser scanner is the most expensive among many scanners, because it provides more complete functions and better functional indicators, and the current usage is relatively high.

A laser scanner emits a beam of light through a laser diode, the light is reflected by a prism, and then the scanner converts it into an electrical signal, which finally encodes the barcode. The laser scanner has high recognition and reading ability, can read irregular barcode labels or can identify barcodes by stealing media such as glass, and the anti-drop performance is also very good.

4. The working principle of image-type red light

The image-type red light barcode scanner has a scanner depth of 30cm and a scanner speed of 300 times per second. It has a particularly good performance in reading barcodes and has a strong decoding ability. It is used for barcodes that cannot be recognized by general barcode scanners. Image red light scanners are still able to resolve. In addition, the scanner also has rich barcode data editing functions, and the price is not expensive. It is a worthy scanner.

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Wireless barcode reader application prospects

Today's barcode scanning industry technology has been widely used in many fields and industries, such as retail, manufacturing, logistics, medical, warehousing, and even security. The QR code scanning technology on WeChat can quickly and accurately identify information.

Now many fast food restaurants, such as KFC and McDonald's, have taken the lead in introducing electronic coupons scanned by QR codes to replace the previous electronic coupons. Because many electronic coupons in the past have time limits, but the quantity and location are not limited, resulting in the flood of electronic coupons. Today's QR code scanning coupons are no longer limited by time and region, providing convenience for more consumers and large-scale promotions for merchants themselves.

It can be seen that the prospect of barcode scanners will be limitless, because it is completely in line with the mentality that people need to do the most convenient things in the shortest time in the fast-paced pace of modern society, and it will also be the general trend.

Wireless qr code scanner purpose

1. In the manufacturing and material handling industries

Barcode scanners provide the ability to track company assets. It provides a general overview about the inventory in the warehouse. In addition, the raw materials used in the industry must themselves reach various market segments. Therefore, the labels must be perfect in the process. Hence, it reduces processing time and revenue consumption.

To increase revenue, possible mistakes must be avoided as much as possible and their needs met on time to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, uninterrupted tracking of incoming and outgoing shipments facilitates time management. At the same time, the execution of work becomes automated and labor costs are reduced.

2. At school

It mainly includes asset tracking of laptops, lab equipment, machines, etc. It enables teachers or staff responsible for the safety of their assets, including crafts, to track them. In libraries, barcode scanning technology helps track lost books and inventory. Barcode scanners ensure easy detection of students entering and leaving the library along with full details.

3. Healthcare sector

It includes tracking inventories of surgical equipment, patient samples, medicines, and more. Using the wristband barcode, the doctor can easily confirm that the treatment is being carried out in the correct way. Using these barcodes makes it easy to track previously delivered medications.

4. Government and Military Affairs

They handle highly classified data about the country carefully so as not to leak it to the public. Any glitches in data recording or leakage could lead to legal issues. Barcodes help keep data secure within officers.

5. Logistics

In logistics, one person may be responsible for handling many products at the same time, which can lead to errors and ultimately deliver incorrect products. In this case, the application of barcode scanners can automate the data with minimal errors.

6. In retail

A barcode in each product will reduce the time it takes to enter bills and make it easier to get details of what's left in the store. Shoplifting can be avoided by placing sensors based on barcode systems at exits. In addition to this, using the technology can monitor the applied discounts and their effectiveness for each product, thereby reducing labor costs.