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Intelligent inspection solution for airports, railway & metro

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Intelligent vehicle maintenance solutions

  • Vehicles are the core of urban rail transit. They are the key to ensuring the safe and efficient operation of subways. The huge investment and complex technology, to a certain extent, mark the level of urban rail transit technology development.

  • Under normal circumstances, vehicle investment accounts for about 10% of the total construction cost of urban rail. If the line is a light rail, it can account for about 20% of the total cost, which is equivalent to a high vehicle purchase cost of about 60 million RMB per kilometer (this is situation in China).

    Intelligent vehicle maintenance solutions -Cilico

Subway operation and maintenance projects

Provide mobile data center solutions for multiple subway line intelligent operation and maintenance. Through the inspection of equipment, lines, etc., standardize personnel's standardized operation actions, and collect equipment operating status in real time. Realize the predictive maintenance of equipment based on the condition, and prevent over- or under-repair to the greatest extent.

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Metro Asset Management

By attaching RFID tags (or barcodes) to maintenance tools and consumables, CILICO mobile data center solution can be used to perform closed-loop management of tools and consumables, such as inventory, loan, return, and search, to ensure that maintenance tools and consumables are in the entire life cycle security management is obtained during the circulation process.

The biggest advantage of RFID technology, which is different from barcodes (2D codes), is that it can realize over-the-horizon and batch identification. With CILICO PDA, it has obvious advantages in tools and consumable management applications such as long-distance reading, batch counting without opening the box, etc. Through wireless transmission technologies such as WiFi and 4G, closed-loop management of information such as people, finances, things, information flow, and time stamps of electronic work orders can be realized, which can effectively prevent tool loss and improve work efficiency.

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