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How did the RFID use in the motorsports drives in race pits

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Several racecar drivers and teams are employing and sponsoring a solution to track the performance of tires or other components by monitoring how often each part passes RFID readers. They launched an RFID-based solution to manage the equipment within their cars. The system, provided by Internet of Things (IOT), enables them to track the usage and the replacement of tires or other components during practice and races, for the purpose of regulation compliance and safety.

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When a car enters the pit, the crew goes over the parts and makes changes, sometimes within a matter of seconds, such as replacing tires. As the vehicle then leaves the pit at high speed, a fixed reader captures the tag IDs of its tries. Thus, if any tires have been changed, the new tag IDs will indicate tire replacements, and the data is updated for that vehicle to reflect the use of a new tire or other component. The readers can capture tag reads at a typical rate of speed around 35 miles per hour, which cars reach at the point that they pass the antennas. Pit crews thus do not need to write down details about tires that have been removed or installed.

The collected data provides more than merely compliance verification, however, as teams can use the information to improve vehicle performance. For one thing, the teams are interested in understanding how many laps each component of a vehicle has on it, "to make sure that I'm either doing preventative maintenance on time or contemplating a full part switch-out to make sure the car is performing optimally." That data can offer a potential competitive advantage over other cars against which a team or driver is competing.

When it comes to safety, Wappler says, a primary goal for every team is ensuring that they do not put their drivers in an unsafe vehicle. "They want to make sure that they're very safe, but also they want to make sure they understand whether their consumption meets what their expectations are."

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The data provides value to tire manufacturers, the company reports, and manufacturers of tires and other components consider the motorsport are to be an exploratory environment in which products can be aggressively tested. If, for instance, a tire must be replaced after a given number of miles at specific speeds in order to ensure optimal performance, that information can translate to product quality. Moreover, it helps companies produce high-performing tires for standard vehicles.

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