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Handheld Terminals and Scanners 1D CCD/Laser and 2D

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Offering world-class scanning solutions,a range of handheld scanners and terminals,there is something for your application.Whether wireless,corded,rugged or sanitizer-ready,all handheld scanners and terminals are built with our industry-leading 1D CCD/laser and 2D imaging barcode technology for seamless integration into your business.Handheld terminals and scanners are used in numerous applications such as:

  • Retail.

  • Health care.

  • Transportation and logistics.

  • Manufacturing.

  • Warehouse and distribution.

  • Hospitality.

  • Government.

  • Field sales and service. Handheld Terminals

Handheld terminal scanner application and solution

In appearance,handheld terminal scanners are very similar to mobile phones.Are these two functions the same? No,while they look similar,there are distinct functional differences.Similar to a mobile phone,a handheld terminal scanner also features an operating system,CPU,and battery.However,handheld terminal scanners are mainly used in industrial production scenarios for enterprises,while mobile phones are more for consumer-oriented personal function scenarios.

Definition and Classification of Handheld Terminal Scanners:

Due to its real-time data collection,automatic storage,real-time display/feedback and other functions,handheld terminal scanners are constantly changing people's work forms and workflows.Handheld terminal scanners can be seen everywhere in daily life,from ordinary retail shopping,to warehousing and delivery in logistics scenarios,to ticket collection and inspection in ticketing scenarios.The handheld terminal scanner is a portable handheld device that can communicate with other devices (such as Wi-Fi/GPRS/Bluetooth/carriers and 3/4G networks, etc.) to realize information collection,processing, query and release functions send.Handheld terminal scanners are mainly divided into different types of hardware devices such as barcode, RFID, fingerprint, and explosion-proof. Meanwhile, handheld terminal scanners can be equipped with hardware.For example,a handheld terminal scanner with barcode scanning function can choose RFID function to become a smart handheld terminal scanner that can scan RFID tags and barcodes.