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Handheld Terminal Scanner Application Scenarios

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Logistics industry: handheld terminal scanners can be used for warehouse management, transportation management and real-time tracking of goods.The field of express delivery is mainly used in receiving, sorting, distribution, distribution, delivery and other work links, as well as real-name authentication of express delivery.Shoes and clothing industry: handheld terminal scanners can realize the inventory and storage management of shoe and clothing stores and warehouses.Through the data collection of commodity one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes, wireless transmission to the server for data collection and processing, improve work efficiency.Retail industry: Supermarket stores use handheld terminal scanners to realize functions such as store management, warehouse distribution, and product inventory.If RFID read and write engines are added, faster reading speeds and greater throughput can be achieved, and work efficiency can be improved.Improve many times. With the help of handheld terminal scanners,retail stores can conduct price inquiries and modifications, inventory,shopping guides, etc.,helping stores improve work efficiency and customer experience.Manufacturing industry:As a mobile information processing tool, handheld terminal scanners carry the collection and real-time viewing and query of information such as accessories and commodities.In factories, it can be used for production piece management and production warehouse management; in fields such as automobile manufacturing, it can also be used to read DPM codes. Scanner android

Types of Barcode Scanners

Pen stick

This is the simplest type of barcode reader and the least expensive.It is durable and has no moving parts.It must be in direct contact with the barcode and at an angle to pick up the data. It also requires a specific speed at which it moves over the barcode.

Slot scanner:

The chute scanner remains stationary and the barcoded item is pulled from the chute by hand.Slot scanners are commonly used to scan barcodes on ID cards.

CCD scanner:

This type of barcode reader is commonly used in the retail industry.It has better range than a pen wand, and has a gun-type interface.It has to be near the barcode to be read.Often multiple readings are taken to reduce errors. The downside to using this type of barcode reader is that it can only read barcodes the width of its face.

Image scanner:

Image scanners, also known as camera readers, use small cameras to capture images of barcodes and then use sophisticated digital image processing techniques to decode the barcodes. Image scanners can read barcodes from about 3 to 9 inches away and are generally less expensive than laser scanners.

Laser scanner:

This type of barcode reader can be handheld or stationary.It doesn't have to be near barcodes to read them.This model uses a mirror and lens to read barcodes up to 24 inches away, and a long-range model is available up to 30 feet away. It can also read barcodes regardless of their orientation. Laser scanners can perform up to 500 scans per second.