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Handheld terminal equipment information about classification and application

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What is hand pda?

Handheld terminal, also known as handheld PDA, is a data processing terminal with operating system, memory, CPU, graphics card, screen and keyboard, with data transmission processing capability, equipped with battery, and mobile use. Common handheld terminals are different from consumer Handheld terminals (such as mobile phones, tablet computers, etc.) are mostly used in warehousing, logistics, and industrial production industries. Therefore, it is also called industrial handheld terminal or industrial handheld PDA.

Types of industrial pda

Industrial-grade PDAs are also known as code scanners and inventory machines. They are classified according to their function types. Common types of PDAs include RFID handheld terminals, barcode handheld terminals, industrial-grade tablet computers, and integrated printing PDAs.

1. Industrial RFID handheld terminal

Industrial RFID handheld terminals have RFID reading and writing functions. It can identify RFID tags and collect data using radio frequency identification technology. It is a handheld with specific functions. RFID handheld terminals have the advantages of remote non-contact reading, fast group reading, and large storage capacity. The frequency bands of RFID handheld terminals are divided into low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF) and ultra high frequency (UHF). The reading distance of the UHF RFID handheld terminal is 1-3m, which cannot reach the low frequency and high frequency handheld terminal. Therefore, UHF handheld terminals are generally used in places with high distance requirements.

2. Barcode handheld terminal 

Barcode handheld terminal can quickly identify and read one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code, whether it is a stained or damaged barcode, it can be read accurately. Barcode handheld terminals play an important role in express scanning, supermarket inventory, and clothing inventory inquiry.

3. Industrial tablet PC 

Industrial-grade tablet PC pays more attention to the security and stability in different environments, realizes information exchange between human and machine, and is mainly used in industries that require intuitive data, such as ETC processing, library, Vehicle management, telecommunications, etc.

4. The printing integrated PDA, which is mostly used in retail and parking charging industries, can print order data anytime and anywhere according to user needs.

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What are the functions of RFID mobile computer?

The RFID handheld terminal is easy to carry, and its industrial design is suitable for harsh industrial environments. In addition to the reading and writing functions of RFID, you can also choose modules such as GPRS, WCDMA, WiFi, Bluetooth, infrared, GPS positioning, one-dimensional scanning, two-dimensional scanning, temperature measurement, and ranging.

Application of industrial android rfid reader

RFID handheld terminals are widely used in retail stores, warehouse management, equipment inspection, clothing ordering, security traceability, fixed asset management, medical and other fields.

1. Store management

In chain store management, the RFID handheld terminal transmits and feeds back information between the front-end and back-end databases by reading the information of the RFID tag. Suitable for retail stores of daily necessities such as clothing, jewelry, glasses, shoes and hats.

2. Warehouse management

The tags are read through the RFID handheld terminal to realize functions such as quick entry and exit of the warehouse, scheduling, inventory, and query. Compared with the traditional barcode management mode, the work efficiency of each link has been improved to the maximum extent. Suitable for all kinds of warehouses. Logistics transit warehouse. Private stations, especially for large warehouses, RFID handheld terminals have the advantage of remote reading.

3. Equipment inspection

Utilize wireless network and RFID technology to realize the information management of power equipment and production equipment inspection, so that managers can immediately arrange and deal with the inspection work in an emergency.

4. Food Safety Traceability

At present, problems such as food safety and production safety occur frequently, and food safety has attracted more and more attention. RFID-based product traceability management system can track, feedback, query, archive and manage the entire life cycle of products. Consumers and supervisory departments can query product information efficiently, in real time and easily, and comprehensively supervise cultivation. Agricultural pollution. Additives in production and processing. harmful materials. Safety risks in the cycle, effectively evaluate and scientifically warn food safety risks.

5. Fixed asset management

The use of RFID handheld terminals is used to comprehensively and effectively manage the entry and exit of assets, and to effectively manage fixed assets by monitoring the entire process of asset subscription, leadership, maintenance, and waste.

Industrial rfid handheld terminals are widely used in industrial fields. With the continuous popularization of the Internet of Things, handheld terminals are further promoting their intelligent development.