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Handheld terminal effectively simplifies storage management process

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Warehouse handheld smart tablet application advantages

With the continuous increase in the types and number of subdivided products in various industries, traditional extensive management methods cannot meet the management needs of modern storage. Using a handheld terminal can effectively simplify the storage management process and work content, quickly complete commodity inventory, storage sales, storage collection, commodity query, data import, high efficiency, data is not easy to make mistakes, avoid manual operation errors, reduce the cost of enterprise storage management human resources, faster storage turnaround. Its advantages are reflected in the following aspects:

1. Commodity management

Introduce labels and barcodes to cargo management, with each product having its own label or barcode. Classification and unified management.

2. Inventory management

Warehouse managers can use handheld terminals to scan commodity barcodes, register product information, including category, quantity, location, etc., and then directly upload the data to the back-end database system. The warehouse is orderly, and large quantities of goods can still be stored in an orderly manner.

3. Outbound management

during delivery and sorting. According to the delivery order, Zhigu combined with the handheld terminal to scan the barcode of the goods, enter the delivery quantity, upload the delivery details in real time, and ensure that the inventory status is updated immediately. The whole process is operated by hand-held terminal, which can effectively avoid more, less and mistakes.

4. Inventory management

Warehouse managers use Zhigu combined handheld terminals for inventory. Inventory data is uploaded to the system in real time by scanning commodity barcodes. The whole process does not require pen and paper to record, it is efficient and convenient, the number of categories is clear at a glance, and the inventory efficiency is improved by 100%.

5. Various network modes

WIFL3G communication, Bluetooth network mode, handheld terminal and background management system. Freely switch the network according to the actual situation to ensure the real-time transmission of field data.

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Handheld tablet precautions

1. Pay attention to initialization

Many people wonder why the newly purchased handheld terminal needs to be initialized. Initializing the machine is actually to release the storage space of the device, ensure the security of the device, and reduce the probability of errors during subsequent use. No matter how brand-new the device is, it must have its own original data source occupying a certain amount of internal space. In order to make the storage space of the handset larger, it needs to be initialized. Moreover, the handset has an initial default system password, and only after initialization can the holder set his own password to ensure the security of the device.

2. Download various operations

After initialization, the handheld terminal is kept in the cleanest and safest state. If you want it to work, you need to download various operations, such as verification time, system parameters, batch list, incremental list, full volume List and management fee ratio, etc. Only when these are done well, the handheld can be in a complete working state and can be put into use at any time.

3. The operation should be standardized

For a brand new handheld terminal, the operation must be standardized. For example, when the handset needs to be charged, first turn off the machine and then use the standard 5V power supply to charge: In addition, when using the handset to transmit data, if the acquisition software is not turned off, then the USP data cable cannot be plugged or unplugged.

The above are the three points to pay attention to when using the handheld terminal for the first time. In the first point, special attention should be paid to the setting of the password. Doing this simple operation can better protect the security of the device and data information. In addition, there are many points to pay attention to in the operation of the handheld terminal, such as keeping away from strong acid, strong alkaline substances, to avoid damage to the internal components of the machine. Paying more attention in all aspects can prolong the service life of the handset.