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Handheld rfid computer-what is it

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In recent years, with the progress of micro integrated circuit technology, RFID reader has been developed. Passive RFID tags do not need batteries, the RFID reader generated by the magnetic field to obtain the required work of the energy, but the reading distance is shorter. In the past, RFID active tags have large volume, large power consumption and short life, while the active RFID tagsbuy-rugged-RFID-mobile-computer-Cilico manufactured by the latest technology not only have long reading distance, but also have the advantages of long life and reliable performance of passive tags.

Android rfid reader's introduction 

RFID reader is radio frequency identification, through the radio frequency identification signal automatically identify the target object and obtain relevant data, without manual intervention, can identify high-speed moving objects and can identify multiple RFID tags at the same time, fast and convenient operation. RFID reader has fixed and handheld, handheld RFID reader contains low frequency, high frequency, uHF, active, etc.

RFID technology is used in many industries, such as logistics storage management, anti-counterfeiting traceability, industrial manufacturing, ETC. Especially after the concept of industry 4.0 is put forward, RFID reader is widely used in manufacturing industry.

RFID reader in the manufacturing industry, with RFID electronic tags in production, transportation and warehouse management is increasingly prominent. Replace bar code scanning in the production process to realize automatic data collection; Material pulling link with AGV trolley transport; Warehouse management of goods in and out, inventory, etc.

In ETC, the reader is defined as RSU, i.e. roadside unit, reading and writing vehicle unit OBU.

RFID reader is applied to the garage management, to realize the identification of vehicles, automatic deduction of fees. If the use of remote RFID reader, it can achieve no parking, card free fast channel, or unattended channel, or unmanned electronic detection of vehicles in and out of the situation.