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Handheld mobile computer-what is it

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Handheld mobile computer scanner's classification

Industrial handheld tablet

Industrial handheld terminal includes industrial PDA, bar code handheld terminal, RFID handheld, etc. The characteristics of the industry is strong, durable, can be used in a lot of harsh environment, at the same time for the industrial characteristics of the use of a lot of optimization. Industrial handheld terminals can support BOTH RFID reading and writing and bar code scanning functions, as well as IP64 industrial grade, which consumer handheld terminals do not have.large screen android tablet for sale - Cilico

Consumer handheld tablet

Consumer handheld terminals mainly refer to smart phones, handheld computers, tablet computers and so on.

By operating system

(1) Handheld terminal with operating system

Android handheld terminal

The Android system is designed for Internet applications. Android open mode, so that the application of continuous optimization, more conducive to the Android system handheld terminal secondary development.

Windows Mobile Handheld terminal

Windows Mobile system is an operating platform developed by Microsoft for handheld terminals, including the underlying operating system Windows CE and the upper drivers and applications. Mobile devices based on Windows Mobile provide an excellent industry application platform for enterprises, offering a wide range of hardware options, powerful development tools and long-lasting battery life.

Windows CE Handheld terminal

Windows CE is designed for single machine, and its Internet function and touch screen function are weaker than Android, resulting in poor Internet experience.

Ios mobile phone system

Apple ios system is designed for Apple's iPhone, stable operation, smooth are its advantages, currently has a large number of fans of the iPhone mobile terminal, enough to prove.

(2) Handheld terminal without operating system

Embedded system based on C language, Linux needs secondary development, with human-computer interaction graphical interface and communication interface, this kind of embedded system, with low consumption of resources, more professional and stable.