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Handheld computer-how to use it

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Handheld terminal has been widely used in retail, logistics, medical, manufacturing, finance, energy, government and otherrugged mobile computer supplier - Cilico industries of data collection due to its intelligence and mobility. However, in the popularity of handheld terminals, we often encounter some problems, such as staff worried about troublesome operation, use is not used to. In fact, you don't have to be too nervous, the application and operation of handheld terminals is actually very simple, today we will take the common sales of the state Android handheld terminals on the market as an example to say the use of handheld terminals.

WIFI Wireless network Settings

Power on the desktop, click the Settings button, drag the "Off" button to turn on the wireless network, all available wireless networks will be displayed, click your wireless network, and connect. If the wireless network does not require a password, click "Connect" to start the connection; If the wireless network requires a password, you need to enter the password first and then click Connect to connect. If the wireless network has been successfully connected before, the information will be stored and automatically connected. Once the handheld device is successfully connected to the wireless network, the wireless icon will appear in the status bar at the top of the screen.

One-dimensional scan setup

In this interface, you can set whether the one-dimensional scan head can scan automatically after startup, prefix, suffix, scan prompt tone and vibration prompt switch

2d scan setup

On this screen, you can set whether the 2d scan head is automatically scanned after startup, prefix, suffix, scan prompt tone and vibration prompt switch

Connect to PC through mobile assistant software

By installing commonly used mobile assistant software, it can be connected to the PC, and program installation and management can be carried out. Take "360 Mobile Assistant" as an example:

1. Install 360 security guard and mobile assistant on the PC

2. Insert the USB cable, open the mobile assistant for the first time, the mobile assistant will be automatically installed to the PDA terminal

3. After the installation is successful, the icon of "360 Mobile Assistant" appears on the PDA terminal

4. "Connected via USB" is displayed in the MOBILE phone assistant on the PC side.