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Guide: how to choose an industrial tablet?

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Industrial tablet computers have gradually become industrial control computers and industrial control electronic computers, which are widely used in self-service terminals, diagnosis and treatment, transportation, power engineering, Internet, financial industry and industrial control. With the discovery of market demand in different fields, the requirements for industrial-grade flat panels are also increasing, and customization in different industry fields has become a new development trend of industrial-grade flat panels. 

How to choose the right industrial tablet holder?

1. Protection class

Industrial panel PCs are mainly used in complex and strict actual operating environments. The machinery and equipment itself must have three excellent defensive functions such as waterproof, dustproof and dustproof. For the most part, industrial panel PCs must meet IP65 dust and water resistance specifications.

2. Configuration

The industrial panel PC is the overall solution for the industrial control computer screen. Compared with the system partition solution, it has stable performance. Industrial tablet PCs must have scientific, reasonable and technically professional heat pipe cooling design solutions, focusing on new CPU technology, so that customers can experience faster CPU calculation/image performance and lower functional loss. The colorful socket function is one of the necessary requirements for the selection of industrial tablet computers, so that the communication between the machines and equipment can be maintained.

3. Operating System

Good products must upgrade or lower the components of the computer operating system (XPE, WINCE, LINUX, VXWORKS) according to the application software regulations, so as to facilitate complete integration with Windows and Linux system software and its mobile phone software.

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4. Temperature

The reason why industrial tablet PC is different from ordinary personal computer is that it can be used in harsh environment, such as too high or too low temperature, high dust, high vibration and so on. Therefore, when choosing an industrial panel computer, you should check it carefully to see if its parameters can meet the needs of your own application environment. Such as operating temperature, storage temperature, etc.

Desert areas, severe cold areas, and industrial-grade flat panels must be selected according to the operating temperature, and famous products will be further used in this regard.

5. Display regulations

Chroma (best spacing and idealized lighting standard) Internal structure Natural room can be loaded at 250 ~ 300 CD/m2 of solar load. If used in outdoor applications, the chromaticity requirement is usually 500 ~ 1000 CD/m2. When choosing a custom industrial panel PC, the selection should be based on colorimetric regulations. This will make the actual operating environment more comfortable and save power engineering.

In some industrial production applications, the information content represented by color tone (such as gas cloud cyclone representation) is more critical than text and data, and high pixels are also more critical.

6. Touch Effects

Industrial tablet PCs generally abandon the external computer keyboard and use actual touch operations, so the touch sensitivity of industrial tablet PCs is very important. Paper cards, payment interruption, etc. are all poor main performances. Save operating time.

7. Durability

The service life of the industrial panel computer must be more than 5 years, so the raw materials must be strictly selected. The product has good wear resistance, good flexibility, good layering and longer service life.

8. Choose according to the space size of the industrial panel PC.

Industrial panel PCs are often installed on racks or in some small spaces, so the installation size of 4U industrial panel PCs constitutes its primary limitation. Industrial panel PCs vary in height from 1U to 7U depending on the installation size. At the same time, in the past ten years, smaller fanless embedded industrial panel PCs have been developed, only more than ten centimeters long, and there are also workstations with more complex functions. Therefore, First of all, according to the size of the field installation size, select the product specification.

9. Select according to the feasible installation methods of the industrial panel PC.

Industrial panel computers can be divided into desktop, embedded industrial panel computers, wall-mounted industrial panel computers, and rack-mounted industrial panel computers. At the same time, the outlet method should also be considered to avoid wiring difficulties, such as front outlet, rear outlet, etc.

10. Choose according to the expandability of the industrial panel PC.

To find out what types of interfaces are required for an industrial panel computer, whether there are RS-232/485, PCI, USB, etc. interfaces, if you are not buying a complete industrial panel computer but an assembled machine, pay attention when choosing a board Consider the interface problem of the industrial panel computer motherboard.

Hope the above tips can help you choose the right industrial panel PC.