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F750 Rugged Keypad Mobile Computer

F750 IP68 rugged mobile computer can work in the tough harsh environment. It comes with military standards for humidity, drops and dust. With high integration features, it can read NFC card, 1D/2D barcode, UHF RFID tags with high speed, which could be used to WMS, MES, retails, asset management solutions etc.

  • F750
Product Description

F760 Rugged mobile computer

IP68 dustproof and waterproof performance in 1 meter deep immersion test.

Special anti-drop design Corning Gorilla Glass, after a 1.5-meter drop and 300 times of 1-meter roll tests, it is still normal.

High performance design Precise structure design and wide temperature operation, extremely cold and hot environment, smooth operation.

The overall design of the keyboard fully considers the user experience such as the feel of the keys, prevention of misoperation, highlighting of high-frequency keys, and beauty and comfort.

The custom button design provides users with a more flexible and convenient color button design for business use, breaking through the traditional image perception of industrial PDAs, and giving users a more comfortable visual experience in addition to the solid and stable performance.

Flexible interface design, which can be connected to mainstream WMS/MES

Customized shortcut key design to provide more convenience for equipment operation