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Comparison of industrial tablet and ordinary computer advantages

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Industrial tablet advantages are better than ordinary computers

1. Security interests

Industrial-grade tablets simplify security with advanced authentication options such as biometric readers, CAC and smart card readers, and RFID scanners. Advanced authentication enables sophisticated user account management and data access. Workstations, tablets combined with data encryption and secure data transfer provide superior data security features.

2. Uptime due to extended battery life

For manufacturing, battery life can be one of the deal breakers. Industrial tablets offer virtually unlimited battery life with hot-swappable batteries and multi-battery charging stations, as well as long-life batteries, preventing downtime due to power interruptions for dry manufacturing and On-site is critical.

3. The benefits of docking, installation and compatibility with traditional equipment

Integrated legacy ports, docking and mounting connectors allow industrial panels to be mounted on forklifts, pick carts, walls and vehicles, as well as connect to legacy equipment. Some industrial panel PCs have carrying handles.

Advanced docking and mounting options and carry handles allow employees to easily move and multitask within the facility. With limited space on the production floor, the light industrial tablet can easily be parked on the side of a cart, forklift cab or industrial equipment, greatly improving ease of use, visibility and productivity.

4. Sturdy and sturdy

Military-grade tablets take longer to design, test, certify and ultimately release. The production cycle is significantly longer than that of consumer devices. The latter is released almost every six months and quickly becomes obsolete. Replacement costs due to obsolescence and the cost of replacing tablets damaged by harsh environments are very high.

Consumer choices are not limited to rugged industrial tablet enclosures, entry and drop protection, military-grade components, and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, vibration, shock, drops, liquid shock, and dust.

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5. Consumer repackaging is not good enough

For many reasons, ordinary tablets are not suitable for tasks on the production floor or in the field. Regardless of the rough and refined appearance that may be obtained after repacking, ordinary tablets have a number of problems in manufacturing:

They're not actually strong, as drop and basic shock protection are not enough for a manufacturing environment;

iOS and Android do not provide the Windows feature set and compatibility needed to build a productivity suite;

They do not fit well into the existing ecosystem and are not compatible with legacy devices:

When used by manufacturers, they have high failure rates, short life cycles, and rapid obsolescence, as manufacturers release new models every six months and eventually drop support for older models;

They lack water resistance and readability in sunlit environments;

Poor security, which not even a closed network can make up for;

They do not offer an integrated RFID barcode, CAC or smart card reader.

Industrial Panel PCs can be customized at the operating system, hardware and software levels for superior performance, mobility, security and high ROI.

Industrial handheld tablet PCs main application areas

1. Meter reading

The handheld terminal equipment uses GPS positioning to ensure that the inspection is in place, and the meter reader checks the model and records it, so that the work can be completed easily and efficiently.

2. Logistics

Handheld terminal equipment can be used for data collection of couriers' waybill, transfer field and warehouse data collection. By scanning the express barcode, the waybill information can be directly transmitted to the back-end server through wireless transmission, and at the same time, it can realize functions such as query of related business information.

3. Outdoor surveying and mapping exploration

In surveying, mapping and surveying, the use of tablet computers to achieve information collection, network communication and other functions.

4. Police

In the process of investigating and punishing illegal parking, the police can use handheld terminal devices to query vehicle information anytime and anywhere, upload various illegal information, and fix evidence on the spot to investigate and punish illegal parking. In addition to policing, administrative departments such as health, urban management, and taxation have also begun to try to use handheld terminals to standardize administrative business and improve administrative efficiency.

5. Mobile Trading

When there are more and more transactions and the counter space can no longer meet the rapid transaction, mobile transactions occur, such as train ticket replacement, stadium ticket sales, parking lot charges and so on.

6. Store

Handheld terminal devices are used in chain stores, stores, and special counters, which can realize the collection and transmission of data such as store entry, sales, storage, inventory, adjustment, withdrawal, subscription and membership management.

7. Card Management

It is used to manage various IC cards and non-contact IC cards, such as identity cards, membership cards and so on. Read and write card information and data through a handheld terminal.