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Cilico national grid solutions with PDA and RIFD

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Aiming at the application and demand of modern electric power, through the application of various work scenarios, the work efficiency is realized, the information is exchanged in real time, and the management and operation are more convenient. The Cilico solution brings intelligent transformation to the electric power industry.

Handheld pda electric power solution overview

The overall solution of Cilico State Grid, through the application of various work scenarios, realizes efficient work, real-time information interaction, and makes management and operation more convenient.

Combined with barcode, RFID, GPS and other technologies to identify the inspection point information, record the feedback site situation, make management and execution efficient interaction, reduce the failure rate and improve work efficiency.

The management of assets through RFID greatly improves the management and control of asset service life and personnel, thereby reducing asset management costs.rifd national grid solutions supplier -Cilico

PDA scanner national grid application scenarios

1. Line inspection

Inspection work is an important measure to ensure the smooth operation of the line, and it is time-sensitive, requiring inspection personnel to periodically inspect each point. The application of RFID makes the inspection work more efficient. RFID tags are installed at the inspection points to record the basic information of the inspection points, and the staff can read the content of the tags in real time through PDA. The inspection information is transmitted to the management office through the network, and the inspection information is processed in time to improve the inspection efficiency and gain insight into the inspection situation.

2. Power distribution inspection

In the process of power transmission, power distribution is also crucial. The distribution station installs RFID tags for site information, and the inspection personnel need to read the tags and check the operation of the equipment in the site. The site inspection information is wirelessly transmitted to the management office through the handheld, and the inspection information is processed in time to avoid equipment failures causing the site to run.

3. Smart grid

In the application of RFID in the power grid, PDA is used in combination with RFID tags. Because of its large reading distance, it greatly improves work efficiency compared to traditional workflows and reduces data errors caused by manual labor. At the same time, it can track the progress of work in real time with GPS.

4. Inventory of fixed assets

PDA regularly intelligently identifies various fixed assets in the power sector, and can track and monitor fixed assets anytime and anywhere (to be repaired, scrapped, deactivated, etc.) to facilitate asset management and inventory, and reduce capital waste.

Handheld pda electric power program value

Compared with traditional work methods, it greatly improves work efficiency and data accuracy.

Through the collocation of RFID and site, the management of personnel work is realized and the efficiency of inspection is improved.

Regular inspections are carried out to effectively implement equipment to ensure equipment safety and reduce failure rates.

Effective management of assets facilitates the rational use of resources and reduces losses.