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Cheap PDA barcode scanner and RFID application guide in WMS

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Android bluetooth rfid reader application in supermarket

I don't know if you have encountered it in the supermarket. The supermarket staff scans the barcode label of the item with PDA, changes the product price, and then prints the price and pastes it on the product to complete the product price change. The above price change job is simple and easy to do, but a lot has been done. For example, by scanning the price change operation, the PDA uploads the adjusted price to the system, and the system automatically changes the product price.

PDA barcode scanner application in warehousing

WMS and PDA mainly use PDA to scan products to collect product data, inventory products, download orders through PDA, and ship them, that is, use PDA to print orders to express orders, paste them on products for delivery, and scan product barcode labels for real-time delivery to reduce system inventory, Make warehouse inventory real-time.

Portable barcode scanner application in express mail

Usually whether to send express, the courier will print the express information barcode paper, the barcode paper has a barcode, and the courier will use the PDA to scan the barcode for express delivery, which greatly improves the efficiency of express delivery, and at the same time improves the efficiency of express information transmission, so that customers can understand the trend of express delivery in real wireless barcode scanner -Cilico

Handheld rfid computer combined with WMS system advantages

The combination of WMS system and R&DPDA can help relevant operators improve operation efficiency and accuracy, and meet the ever-changing supply chain management needs.

1. Apply barcode technology to realize automatic data collection;

2. Realize batch control and improve the turnover rate of goods;

3. Reduce operational errors and cargo search time;

4. Optimize resource utilization and reduce labor costs;

5. Reduce workload and working time;

6. Improve the visibility of warehouse inventory;

7. Improve warehouse control to ensure fine management and FIFO;

8. Improve customer service level;

9. Ensure the accuracy and timeliness of stored data;

Mobile terminals and rack management

Shelf management:

The material is put on the shelf through the PDA operation. The system determines whether to call forklifts and other resources according to whether the materials are assembled. The warehouse clerk puts on the shelves the material that has received confirmation. At this time, if the material has an urgent online task, the system will directly guide the warehouse administrator to leave the warehouse in the temporary storage area, and prohibit the material from being put on the shelf. After the material is put on the shelf, the system associates the material information with the storage location information to meet the retrieval of subsequent removal tasks.

Delisting management:

The system automatically forms a take-off task according to the out-of-warehouse information. The take-off task information includes: drawing number, name, supplier, quantity, batch, and storage location. The correctness of the relevant information is confirmed by barcode scanning. When the material is extracted to the transfer equipment, the corresponding relationship between the material and the transfer equipment is established through PDA scanning. For materials that need to be removed by a forklift, the system will generate a forklift removal task based on the aisle, instruct the forklift to run, and instruct the forklift to return the extracted pallets to the shelf.

Small handheld terminal PDA: 6-inch windows10 operating system, support one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code scanning, IP67 reinforced industrial handheld, base communication, bluetooth handle, detachable battery, wifi bluetooth GPS.

Guangxi Automobile Group warehouse adopts RFID in-out management

Through "intelligent" transformation, new kinetic energy of traditional advantageous industries is stimulated. A series of transformations represented by intelligent manufacturing have brought about a huge change in the production methods of Guangxi Automobile Group. In the first three quarters of this year, Guangxi Automobile Group's operating income was 15.546 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.5%. Among them, the revenue of parts and engines was 9.77 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7%, and the revenue of passenger cars and modified vehicles was 4.632 billion yuan.

In response to the strategy of "Made in China 2025", Guangxi Automobile Group has continuously promoted the transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. From the establishment of an Industry 4.0 promotion team, to carry out comprehensive standardization and new model application pilots for intelligent manufacturing, and vigorously promote the innovative application of core intelligent manufacturing equipment.

The traditional logistics information transmission is basically handled manually. The data of the entire logistics process is transmitted one by one between different operators from the receipt of purchased parts, the delivery of raw materials, the online distribution, the warehousing of finished products, the delivery, the transportation management, and the client information feedback. The timeliness and accuracy of the information , Shareability is seriously affected by human factors. In this case, the level of logistics management is largely determined by the professional quality and skill level of people, and it is urgent to establish a systematic and flexible logistics information system.

At the end of 2015, Auto Group took the WOMS system as an entry point to build a logistics information system, completed the barcode receipt of all purchasing conditions in the Liuzhou base, established a finished product storage and delivery system, and began to introduce RFID and other technologies. In three years, it has completed the transformation and upgrading to "intelligent manufacturing", and achieved breakthroughs in many fields and modules. Among them, logistics has become one of the highlights of the intelligent transformation of the automobile group. Wuling Industrial Finished Product Warehouse RFID Inbound and Outbound Management at the 2019 Global Logistics Technology Conference Won the Logistics Technology Innovation Award.