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Android11 C6 rugged mobile computers-CILICO released it

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Google Android 11 OS was officially released on September 9, 2020. As a leader in the IoT industry, CILICO has focused on the development of solutions for mobile handheld terminals since establishment, and is committed to the convergence and innovation of IoTtechnology and business intelligence management.

CILICO keeps abreast of market trends, combined with deep insights into the industry and customer needs, first to release Android 11 on C6 mobile computer, optimizing all previous system bugs and security issues.With independent IoT UI to improve user experience. Meantime, upgrades Application Freezer function, optimizing the display and use of all applications of the control system on the interface, making it convenient for users to manage equipment, and providing customers with a more efficient and convenient IoT intelligent operating system.

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What is CILICO IoT OS?

CILICO IoT OS is based on the Android operating system, through the analysis of customers’ actual usage scenarios, it provides targeted operating systems for the IoT industry. Including IoT applications, system applications, security management, framework services, wireless services, and big data integration, Intelligent applications and software customization, industry-specific services and dozens of modules, to provide customers with more efficient and convenient IoT intelligent operating system.

Some upgrading functions of CILICO IoT OS Android11

Independent IOT UI

Replace Google native style, user experience is more friendly.

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Quick Config function provide users with more convenient and personalized settings

Quick Config: One-click to solve the configuration synchronization problem of multiple devices, liberate labor, and work more efficiently.

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Application Freezer

Freezing apps that do not need to be used so that the app icon is no longer displayed, and any method to call the app is prohibited.

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Technology makes life better. CILICO is providing more efficient overall solutions for the intelligent management of various industries.