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- Mar 22, 2018 -

st 30 years, Chinese economy had accomplished the journey which had taken the western countries 300 years to finish;

In the next 30 years, a large amount of world-class industries will spring up and CILICO is committed to compete with the international tycoons, making contributions to the rising of China industry development.

By Wulue

CILICO has won good reputation and trust from more than 2000 clients in 68 countries and regions. The number keeps increasing.

The reason why more and more clients choose to cooperate with Cilico. WHY US?
Independent R&D and patented technology

  •     Two R&D centers (Xi’an and Shenzhen)

  • More than hundreds of patented technologies

  • R&D staff takes up 60% of the total personnel

  • Annual R&D investment volume takes up 20% of the total profit and the number keeps stably increasing

  • Many experts specialized in RFID, AIDC, optics, integration participate in the whole process of the R&D of new products

  • Exclusive decoding technology of wireless barcode scanners

Rapid iteration of new products

  • Many new products which meet the market needs come our every year

  • The elaborate design from the world-class and high-level experts

  • Pursuing extreme ingenuity spirit in manufacturing process

  • Exclusive decoding technology

Smart manufacture and flexible production

  • Satisfying the diversified customized needs of clients

  • Pursuing extreme ingenuity spirit in manufacturing process

  • Share the same production line as Honeywell, Xiaomi, Lenovo

  • A number of supply chain around the world, including Xi’an, Shenzhen, Beijing, Suzhou, USA, and Spain

           Professional team

  • In spirit of ingenuity, make each product with heart

  • Sincerity-orientation,serve each client with soul

  • Detail-concentration, make perfection more perfect

  • Comprehensive professional skills and prudent work attitude