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UHF Portable Android Handheld Terminal

CILICO C5SU Android based handheld terminal with 1.3 GHz quad-core CPU and 2GB RAM+16GB Flash Memory (ROM). Also, integrated powerful built-in NFC and UHF RFID reader. Useful and convenient for long distance data capture and safe for high-risk industry user operation. With portable size and robust design (IP65 protect grade), it was favorate products for different clients.

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UHF Portable Android Handheld Terminal_2.png


Product Features:


1. Powerful RFID reading and writing





2. High Performance





3. Portable Design

Light weight, Pocket size with wrist strap, makes operation more convenient and efficient.


4. Large Battery





Multiple Applications:


1. Long distance data collection

C5SU with long distance UHF RFID reading function, popular in the application such as inventory for large warehouse with high goods shelf, and the high-risk industries for human.



2. Tracibility

C5SU can read the UHF tags on the goods, animals, assets etc., to track the country of origin, the production status, the in/out register etc.





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