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Barcode Scanning Tablets

Barcode Scanning Tablets

CILICO C7SD barcode scanning tablets is a very fast and reliable barcode scanning tablet built in CILICO ETS solution (IoT OS and MDM), suitable for personnel management and mobiel devices management. And also with high performance 1.3 GHz quad-core CPU and 2GB RAM+16GB Flash Memory (ROM). It supports GPS, 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera.

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Technical Features:










Product Features:




1. 2D Barcode Scanning

2D barcode reader with physical scan buttons

Popular 2D Honeywell brand barcode engine with fast scanning speed

Which can read all kinds of types popular barcodes.



2. CILICO ETs for industry users

CILICO ETS solution (IoT OS based on Android and MDM) provide industrial data collection, industrial security, Wi-Fi connections and mobile devices management.  






Case stories: Retailing

Application: Retail stores and Shopping assistant in shopping mall        

Device model: CILICO C7SD(handheld tablet PC with 2D barcode scanner)


Customers use C7SD with 2D barcode scanner, shopping assistant help the clients select the shoes, place order, and use barcode reader scan the barcodes on the box, and do inventory management.  





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