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Android Industrial Tablet PC with Barcode Scanner

Android Industrial Tablet PC with Barcode Scanner

CILICO C7ST Android industrial tablet PC with a high level performance with 1D barcode scanner and NFC reader. Which will popular in retailing, warehouse, assets management and many other applications need a big touch screen and large battery tablet.

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Product Datasheet:

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Product Features:

1. 1D Barcode Scanning

1D barcode reader with physical scan buttons

Which can read all kinds of types popular 1D barcodes.






2. Multi data capture functions

Exept barcode reading, C7ST series with more data collecting ways like: GPS and BDS, HD Camera, PSAM encryption and Power Infrared reading module. To help clients work faster and smarter.





3. 7 inch High Definition Screen

High resolution (1280*720) 7inch LCD touch screen with LED backlight.

Corning Gorilla Glass, strong for dropping, visible in full sunlight.





4. Durable design for harsh environment

Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 55  ℃

The touch screen can easy operate with wet hand, and workers can use a stylus or with different working gloves.



Case Story: O2O (E-commerce) 

Application: Online sales, offline commodity management

Device model: C7ST


Nowadays, E-commerce is convenient and much more convenient for buyers. C7S is used for O2O application, ensure the fast feedback speed and the inventory management. It can make online order with high efficiency because of high performance. And it can do the accurate warehouse and inventory management through 1D barcode reader.



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